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Get your brand in front through our big network of popular TV and Radio shows

Get full or partial coverage on top TV shows, Radio segments and maximize presenter branding, presenter mentions, TV squeeze-backs, studio set branding, and brand activation for live shows

Partner with popular TV hosts, radio presenters and announce your brand to the masses

Why Medialytica?

Our team has a combined 10+ years of experience in media and technology.

We have partnered with influential  TV, Radio stations, and media personalities drawn from different niches including betting/casino, crypto/forex, and CBD to meet all your needs.

Our ever-updating database adds more influencers daily giving you unlimited choices for TV and radio advertising.

Our flexible pricing is tailored to meet your advertising budget.

Our Key Areas

An ever-updating database of top TV/Radio shows

A huge network of influencers with big followings

Diverse niches

Fast Turnaround Time

An experienced team in media buying

Flexible pricing


Browse hundreds of popular TV shows

Pick an ideal show for your brand and make an order

Share the content to be featured on TV/Radio

Get your brand featured on the show

Review and approve the service

Make payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TV advertising?

TV advertising refers to the promotion of goods and services through sponsored content broadcast on TV.

The most common form of TV advertising is TV commercials. 

What are the different types of TV advertising?

TV advertising can be done through commercials, product placement, studio-set branding, TV screen squeeze backs, scrolls, presenter mentions, presenter branding, and live merchandise giveaways.

What are the advantages of TV advertising?

Television is a powerful advertising tool because it reaches a large audience. 

Television adverts also highly benefit from trustworthy hosts who give brands more credibility among the audience.

Television helps attach faces to products making them more clear and memorable in the minds of viewers.

What is radio advertising?

Radio advertising refers to the promotion of goods and services through sponsored content broadcast over the radio.

What are the types of radio advertising?

Radio advertising can be done through radio presenter mentions, live reads on-air, and sponsoring radio segments, shows, among other methods.

What are the advantages of radio advertising?

Radio is a relatively cheaper way to get your brand/message across to large audiences.

Radio is portable and often has an immediate reach, with a special quality in catching the attention of listeners.

This makes radio a cheaper and more efficient option than its mainstream competitor – the TV.


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