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About Us is a modern and dynamic media-tech agency. We connect content creators to advertisers. 

With a passion for driving results and commitment to innovation, we have been helping individuals and businesses succeed in the digital landscape since 2016.

Talk to us for tech and media services including Contextual Guest Posts, Link Insertion, Niche Edits, Banner Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Product Placement in Films and Music Videos, CPM Campaigns, SEO, TV and Radio advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Website & Software Development, Digital Marketing, and Performance Based Marketing.

What we do

We are committed to excellence and building long-term worthwhile connections with our clients.

We are Medialytica, we connect content creators to advertisers

Our team of seasoned professionals has the experience to navigate the ever-evolving digital media landscape with admirable efficiency.

Who we are

We are an experienced media outreach team

We are media-tech enthusiasts and consultants 

We connect content creators to advertisers

We help individuals and businesses succeed in the digital landscape

Why choose us

We have taken time to build an extensive network of publishers, media outlets, and influencers. This enables us to give you the best rates and placements.

We are committed to transparency and open communication through regular updates and detailed reports.

We assign every project to a dedicated Account Manager for efficiency and personalized support.

We have fulfilled thousands of orders, demonstrating our credibility and track record of excellence

Who we are

Our commitment to integrity, transparency, and continuous learning brings excellence to all our outreach campaigns and media projects.

Lee Angore
Media & CRO

Our Core Values


Feel free to inquire, share your feedback, or engage in dialogue with us. We believe that this grows strong partnerships and enhances overall outcomes.


We respect the trust that our clients and partners place in us, and consistently work hard to exceed expectations.

Continuous Learning

This not only keeps us dynamic and innovative but also ensures that we deliver high quality solutions to our clients.

Customer Reviews

We have many good client's reviews

We are medialytica, we connect advertisers to content creators

We have a gifted, dedicated team that can navigate the ever-evolving digital media space with admirable efficiency.

Our History

We have been helping individuals and businesses succeed in the digital landscape since 2016.

Our Mission

To enable individuals and businesses achieve optimal productivity by leveraging new, upcoming and existing technology.

Our Vision

To become the go-to destination for new, upcoming and existing innovations in the media-tech and digital space

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